Monday, March 29, 2010

Busiest Two Weeks All Year!

I've got a small window of free time this morning so I'm posting an update before the chaos resumes.  A week or so ago I finished this dress and slip:

I put it on Lily and while I was grabbing my camera she put my boots on.

After Angie.A described the slips she made when her daughter was little I thought they'd be perfect under Lily's jumpers and pinafores.  You can't see it under this particular dress but I tried the scallop edge for hemming the neck and arm holes and am definitely a fan, it looks sweet and eliminates the need for facings.  I also got a romper finished but the bottom half is a little on the small side, pics to come once I fix that somehow.

Last week was full of meetings, lunch get togethers, dress shopping and a hair appointment for an upcoming ball.  We also planted our first garden!  This week I've got today and tomorrow to prepare for Lily's birthday on Wednesday and a tea party with a friend and her daughter, then the ball on Thursday.  I'm also on the entertainment/decorating committee so Wednesday afternoon I'll be helping to get the venue all fixed up.  Oh yeah, and easter egg hunting and a rugby match Saturday, and finally Easter!  Not a lot of free time but lots of fun :-)  If I'm not back before Sunday, Happy Easter!

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  1. Very sweet and that little model is just adorable in her mommy's boots.