Monday, April 5, 2010

Stressed No More!

The Week of Nonstop Activity is officially over!  Last night (after we got home from the third Easter Egg Hunt of the weekend!) I traced and cut a super easy, super plain, much needed dress for Lily and then finished it first thing this morning.  I am not the most laid back of people and sewing is my go-to stress reliever, especially the easy mindless projects that go together quickly :-)

It's a See & Sew that called for a zipper (commercial patterns are so zipper-dependent!), I'm not a fan of them so I substituted buttons.  Now that I'm getting around to more spring sewing I'm wondering, at what age do girls stop wearing some kind of bloomer bottoms?  And is there an alternative to the standard panty-style kind?  All I can think of is pants, although my brain still may not be operating at full capacity! 

Because the ball fell on the 1st I didn't grocery shop, much less plan any meals.  It's a wonder my family hasn't all gone into cardiac arrest from all the junk we've eaten!  I plan on catching up on all things domestic this week, at a very slow pace, so hopefully I'll get my next week's meals posted.  In closing, I leave you with these...

That's Zack and I on the far left.  This was easily the best military ball I've been to!  It was held in a historic building downtown that used to be an iron foundry and once the evening's festivities died down we all headed to another fine establishment down the street, where Zack and I happen to have gotten married!  Here's us making the two block trip...

SUCH a fun night!


  1. In our house, apparently 5 is the end-of-bloomers age. The substitute? Bike shorts. I add stretch lace sometimes to "girlie" them up a little.

  2. That dress is so incredibly cute! I wish my little niece was still into bloomers. She's 5 too!

  3. Thank you! I'm very glad that I get another couple years of bloomers :-)

  4. I love bloomers and am so happy I have a girl to put them on now!

  5. Hi! I love this little dress! Did you make the pattern or buy it? Would you mind sharing the brand/style if you purchased it? Or any info on how you drafted it yourself if you drafted it yourself? Thank you!

  6. Thank you, Dana! I used See N Sew B5198 for this dress, on the site it's out of print but it's still at my local Joann's so you can probably get it too. Good luck!

  7. Hi there,
    Just passing through. I saw your comment on another handmade dress site and wanted to pass along a giveaway that's going on on my blog for a SUPER cute pattern.
    Just though I would let you know.
    Fun blog! Sorry for the random comment!