Tuesday, January 5, 2010

My Holiday Sewing, and Our New Marsupials

It has been the busiest and most sleep deprived holiday season of my life, and I loved it.  Back to school and work and reality today though, and I love that too!  My house is in a state of limbo right now, we've moved Gunnar into the guest room while we paint his room, my sewing room is in a state of chaos until I replace my bookshelf with some better form of storage, and Christmas is still all around us, although slowly being packed up.  One tree down, one to go.  I didn't get much holiday sewing done for myself but I did knock out a challenging Etsy order, now on its way to the UK.  They weren't for immediate wear so I had to take her boys' current sizes and measurements and upsize them by 6-9 months.  A challenge when it comes to my own kids, not to mention someone else's!

On a non-sewing related note...  About a week before Christmas my husband learned about Sugar Gliders and developed a full blown obsession with them.  He researched them online and visited local pet shops, and constantly talked about them.  In case you're like me and not up on new pet trends, they're tiny marsupials indigenous to Austrailia and Indonesia, and I was not on board with the idea of owning one.  Being the sweet guy that he is, Zack waited until the day after my birthday before he brought one home, along with a giant cage and its various accessories.  Once I saw her riding around in his pocket I started to come around and asked for my turn.  She slept on my snuggie while I watched tv and ate apples out of my hand, and apparently I hogged her because the next thing I knew he was bringing her sister home, who is much less laid back. 

He named her Pogo and I named my lazy girl Pippi Longstocking.  They're cute in a strange way, and despite their resemblance to possums, and my deep seated fear/hatred of possums, I'm now a fan.


  1. Oh My.. To Cute! 1st Time I ever saw one.. a lady was walking around with one in her shirt pocket at a local flea market here .

  2. I'm still not sold on the teeny-possum-as-a pet idea, but I am so glad your happy with it! Imagine if he brought it home and you still hated it?

    Hugs to you and thanks for visiting us in December. Hope to see you MORE