Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Happy December 29th!

The holidays officially sucked every bit of energy and free time out of me, preventing me from posting about my family and our nice normal run-of-the-mill Christmas.  Who needs more details about someone else's kids opening presents and saying sweet things and playing with the packaging all day anyway?  It's now four days later and that means today is my birthday, and my 30th birthday at that.  Zack cheauffered me around town to furniture stores, bed and bath stores, pet shops and other estrogen-rich environments.  He made me breakfast, took me to lunch and wrangled the kids all day long.  But the best part was getting home and finding this shirt in the mail:

He had it made on Zazzle, and even though he got me a super great and much needed camera, the shirt is what got me giddy.  I did use my camera to take the picture though.  A proper post will follow, although I can't guarantee that it will happen in this calendar year. 

Best Holiday Wishes,

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