Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Let the Christmas Crafting Begin!

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Do you know what this is?  It's our Christmas tree, on its way inside after being picked up by my favorite man in the whole world:

The weather even looks wintery.  Makes me giddy!  I'm also excited to start on a couple of gifts, but a little intimidated.  I've had multiple requests for tote bags so I'd like to make a few really good ones, something seriously gift-worthy.  I'm just not a tote bag person myself and when I do use one it's the one I got free when I signed up for the Barnes and Noble discount card.  I want to be able to cut a few at once and sew them all up assembly-line-style, I just need a really good all purpose pattern or tutorial.  Any and all input is welcome here!

The other project in the works is a babydoll for my daughter.  I've never made any toys or babies or even softies so I did what I always do and Googled everything I could think of.  I narrowed my possibilities down to a few and I'll share those, but first I must express how disturbing I found some of the handmade toys/dolls to be.  Maybe it's me, maybe growing up in the Cabbage Patch generation warped my perception of normal.  Either way, there are some very bizzarre dolls out there posing in some very life-like positions.  Creeps me out.

On to the ones I do like...

The tutorial for these is on Martha, and so is a video with their creator, Emily.  Her blog is full of super cute dolls that she makes, they have the best facial expressions.  And accessories!

Another super cute face, this tutorial is here.

I also like the idea of a classic old fashioned doll and I even started one by making the head to a Waldorf Doll, but I can't get past the fact that it will require hair.  My daughter is 18 months old, I still find crackers and raisins hidden on her person, a doll wig is going to become very gunky very fast. 

So maybe I'll make a couple and give her the best one for Christmas.  And again, any and all feedback from anyone who has made dolls/softies/totebags is most welcome!

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