Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Something To Look Forward To!

This morning I'm reading through some favorite blogs, because it's good reading and because they're almost all sewing related and they motivate me to get to work.  It's what I do when I have an order or project waiting to be completed.  Or started.  Today I have two pairs of eyelet overalls to knock out and I will procrastinate no longer, because they need to go out in the mail tomorrow because Spring Top Week has been announced!  Last year I made my first adult garment ever, and have worn it exactly one time since then:

I have noticed that I smile big and cheesy for every picture, no matter what the occasion is.

This top wasn't difficult to make, amazingly I didn't even have any issues with the fit.  I can't remember what the pattern was, Simplicity something I think.  However, I can't wear it unless someone is here to help me button the back so it's gotten pushed to the middle of my closet (where rejects get shoved together to make room for the things I wear often).  I guess I could put it on and button the top and bottom buttons and then just ask the first person I see in public to help me out, somehow I think I'd get some strange looks (or strange advances?). 

It's one year later and I'm still not sewing for myself but I do have one or two tops that I'm going to attempt to duplicate for the contest, and maybe I'll find a pattern while I'm fabric shopping.  I keep thinking that a dressform would make this easier but I just bought a serger and can't justify another big sewing purchase, if we have enough duct tape maybe I'll get Zack to help me make that kind today.  For now though, I'm getting my work out of the way so that I can start on the fun stuff!

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