Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Hello!  I'm excited to be starting fresh in my new online home, and to be steadily working on my new Etsy shop.  With the holidays in full swing around here I thought about waiting until the first of the year to start both of them, but why wait?  It isn't like I won't have projects, thoughts, plans and ideas going through my head, and besides, tomorrow happens to be my favorite holiday all year so what better time to start sharing!

Today I'm headed into the kitchen to start baking for tomorrow.  This year is a smaller Thanksgiving than I've ever had, with the four of us and just a few friends, but I'm learning that there is no such thing as a small feast.  I may be cooking smaller quantities but I can't leave any of the dishes out!  So today I'll get a head start by baking my pies and making the dough for the rolls, partly to avoid too much chaos tomorrow but mostly because I want two days of Thanksgiving smells :-)

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  1. Happy Blogging! Your blog looks nice.
    Write away, read others, and comment where you read.
    If people like what you write they will return.

    Best wishes for your new blog. December 4 will mark start on the fifth year.